A Better Way To Use Angle-Iron

Equal Angles in different specifications of sizes

There are efficient way to use angle for construction. Find out. what you have been doing wrongly.

-iron is stronger than non-structural steel because the two perpendicular flanges work in conjunction to gi Angle Iron cross-sectional structural integrity, resistance to bending from pressure applied from the top or bottom, left or right.

The two flanges that make up the angle create a compound area. A compound area is the location of the axis of a piece of structural steel that is most resistant to the moment of inertia. The moment of inertia is when a static body begins moving around an axis.

The compound area is the most resistant load bearing area of a piece of structural steel — the area most resistance to the moment of inertia. In A-iron, the compound area is located in the trough between the two flanges.

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