Corporate Philosophy

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Our  Vision:

To  be  a  formidable brand  in sub-Sahara  Africa  in Steel  and allied  products.”

Our  Mission:

To  deliver customers’ requirement in  an efficient and competitive prices that guarantee  value without compromising standard while maximizing  the stakeholders interests.”

Business  Objectives:

Limbron Ventures is   devoted  to  innovation and  ensure that  best  practice of corporate governance  is  ad hereto   within  the  scope  of   our  business. However, the following is  our  business  objectives : 

•To  be  a  an  organization  that  ensure  customer- focused policies  is uncompromised  as regard  quality, prices  of  steel  and allied  products provided.

•To  supply  any  quantity  or  specification  of  steel  to  any economy sector of  the  country and beyond at  the  most  competitive  prices.

•To  ensure  that  healthy,safety,and environmental  guidelines in the  conduct  of  our  business  operations is ad hereto.

•To  invest  in  our  human Capital through continuous  training and deliverable good  working  condition. To   be  a  brand and  reliable  steel  house  in Sub-Sahara Africa.



LIMBRON  VENTURES   shall   carry   out  its   operation  in   a safe,  healthy  and  environmentally  friendly manner.

• It  shall  ensure  security  and  promote  safety , healthy and environmental  awareness  among  workforce.

• Company  shall  promote team- work, good and  harmonious  relationship  among  workforce .

LIMBRON  VENTURES   shall  always  comply  strictly with clients’ safety requirements  in  addition  to  her  own  safety  policy.

• Management  shall  ensure  that  competent  and  experienced   employees/  hired  truck drivers  are engaged   in  the  course  of  delivery   of  goods  to  client’s   site.

LIMBRON VENTURES   shall  comply   with  government  laws  and  regulations  on safety  and  environment.